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Account Ownership Agreement (82024)

Use for: Regular accounts owned by one or more individuals, including non-member deposits. Not for use with custodial, or business/organization accounts. Must be supplemented with appropriate disclosures and account agreement brochure.

  1. Sample.
  2. Revised 6/21.
  3. 8.5 x 11", 1 copy = 2 sides.
  4. Use separate form for each account suffix.
  5. Instructions for Account Ownership Agreement, WCUL #82024 (Rev. 6/21) (Instructions Rev. 9/21)
  6. See ii Release No. 0002 for related information about WCUL account forms.
  7. See Compliance Courier dated 10/20/21 - Part I - Updated League Account Agreement Forms Released for Sale.

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